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2 Summer Makeup Tutorials to Try Before your Engagement Session!

Wedding Tips

Photo Credit: @XOXOKENZ_

Wedding Tip Tuesday is here and girlfriends I am so excited for my friend, Kenzie Joesph to be part of our blog today. BECAUSE Kenzie has created two amazing makeup tutorials just for you UTS peeps to try before your Summer Engagement Portrait Sessions!


I absolutely adore Kenzie as I first met her earlier this year as she modeled for one my styled shoots. She is equal parts sweet, fun and guys she is also crazy talented with her makeup skills. I know as a woman always on the go and upcoming products on the beauty counter … it can be a daunting task to know what to wear in order to achieve a certain photo ready look.

Well ladies! Today, Kenzie has created two gorgeous makeup looks along with tutorials on how to achieve each look! Let’s BEGIN!!

First Up: The Romantic Smokey Eye

The Romantic Smokey Eye is perfect for a flirty and fun look and that instant pop to bring out your eyes. I could see this look easily paired with the Boho Outfit (Click here for pairing outfits from the Football Fashionista’s Blog)

Photo Credit: @xoxokenz_

It’s sexy, fun, and beyond romantic!! Check out the video below to see how Kenzie creates this look and to see her contour routine!

Second up: The Classic Natural Glam Bridal Look

Now this look, is GORGEOUS! It has the use of neutrals to create a natural but stunning look and it photographs elegantly with for your a wedding as either the bride or even as a guest. It’s a timeless look that is perfect for portraits. This would pair perfectly either the CLASSIC or FORMAL engagement look from The Football Fashionista’s Engagement Outfits Blog Post. Click here to see!

Photo credit: @xoxo_kenz

Watch on how to create this look below!

Thank you for tuning into Wedding Tip Tuesday! Thank you all for reading this post stay tuned until Next Time!!



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