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"She is incredibly patient and personable. My husband and I are not the model type, so with our photos we were fairly self-conscious. Jessica helped ease us into the different poses and found ways for us to ease tension, look natural, and actually enjoy the process. At the wedding, she had a great knack for getting intimate shots without ever feeling like she or her staff were in the way. I love how genuine all of the shots turned out!"

"Highly, highly recommend! Jessica did our engagement and wedding pictures and completely blew us away! We are not the most photogenic people, but you would never know by the photos she took! She is sooo talented and we couldn't be any happier with her work!"

I have a passion for connecting people to their portraits.

Hi friends, I am pleased to meet you! I’m Jessica and I am the owner & photographer here at Under the Sun Photography. I have been photographing weddings for the past 10 years here in the San Antonio area.. and I love it.

 I love San Antonio for so many reasons from grabbing a Bloody Mary at Ida Claire, strolling the Pearl, taking my 2 kiddos to the Wittie Museum, the annual SA Rodeo, and don’t even get me started on the Mexican cuisine…. it’s delightful everywhere. 

And just as the experiences are delightful, so are the weddings… to be more specific, the people.

One thing, I love about weddings is getting to know the people. Your people.  It’s also by being personable, I am able to get so much more out of your portraits.

With years of experience, I can say it is a true finesse to beautifully capture and manage a wedding day. It's a balance between capturing art, a sweet moment, managing time, and making decisions on the go. I have been there for our past couples and I cannot wait to be there for you!

- Jess

photographer | wife | mother | artist

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My little Family

Besides Photography

When I'm not photographing weddings, I'm usually at home enjoying the company of my little family alongside my husband. When we are able to, we love to take our son fishing, nothing is better than watching this kid reel in a fish. Usually there's a dance involved and a celebratory, "Oh yeah baby!' chant. 

Our youngest, is a spit fire rascal and loves to make us laugh daily.  Our favorite is her use of phrases especially if she drops something you'll hear a loud, "Oh biscuits!"  

When I want to unwind and relax, I love to reconnect with the outdoors. One thing I love about our home is the ability to reconnect. It may be seen as a simple farm, but it offers the most beautiful sunsets, lively chatter among the livestock, and a great location to raise our kids. 

I also love to getaway to the coast and do some salt water therapy, this is best in the bay reeling in a nice red fish!

What can I say, I find joy in the most simplest of things.

My Sweet 


Let's go to the Coast

My idea of a getaway from the real world. 

favorite places in san antonio

ida claire
the rustic 
hotel emma 
box street social 
common wealth
sea island

The moments I live for 

Time with my Family

One of my most favorite memories.

The Biggest Snow in Texas