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Hey there! I'm Jessica, but you can call me "Jess". I am a wedding and portrait photographer that lives for candid moments and providing a one of a kind experience to my couples. An experience which leaves you full of joy, happy tears, and relaxed.  No detail is overlooked, no moment is left untold.  It's my priority to preserve your story that can be told time and time again. 

Your wedding day deserves to be celebrated in the years to come.

My Favorite Things


I once heard a quote from Vincent Van Gough that resinated with me, "To love life, we must love many things."

So here's a preview into all the things I just love in life. 

The light of my life is my husband, J.T. & and our beautiful son, Parker .My family is  the root of my why, they're the most beautiful moments that fill up my life and my home. From our silly evening couch giggles, daily farming shenanigans, and mile long list of adventures, my family is my everything.

But outside of being a Mama and wife, here are some other things I just love! 



As a lover of all "critters" and dog mom, I cannot tell y'all how happy it makes me to have my couples request to bring their pupper to their engagement session. Our pups are our family and when they arrive to the ranch, they bring so much joy!  I love seeing them jump through the wildflowers, grass, and their little tail wags of excitement. If you have a good pup, I always encourage to bring them along!

Pups at Sessions



If I had to pick my three must haves these would it!

Statement earrings are a must for any outfit. Period. I am the girl that will plan her outfit around her earrings. They bring me joy and confidence in 10 seconds flat. 

Lipstick, I use to never wear until a couple years ago and I am hooked. I love nudes, neutrals, and deep mattes. 

Ball-caps, I live in these and certainly have the collection.! When racing out the door behind a toddler,  or running errands my ball-caps are like "we got you." 

My must haves


I absolutely love walking into a wedding and smelling the aroma of fresh flowers. You can just call me 'Ferdinand'! Whether it's at a wedding or a fresh field of Texas Blue Bonnets, these little pieces of heaven spark joy for me. 

Fresh Flowers




When I am asked, "What's your favorite part of capturing the wedding day?"


The moments that my couples don't know I am capturing. It's the moment of pause that I see a genuine moment happening, a soft moment not only between a couple but their family. It's the simple moments I get to witness that are beautiful moments that I turn into their forever keepsakes. When we sit down together and reveal these moments, the tears from my couples reaction always make it my favorite to capture.  

The Canid 



When someone says to me, "Where's your favorite place to travel?"

I always end up answering the coast. I do love to travel to new spaces, but the Caribbean and coast have my heart.

There's something about a small coastal town or island life that just brings a sense of pure relaxation. Whether it's fishing on the coastline of South Texas or having a cold beer in a cantina in Mexico, I am always ready to pack my bags for warm sun-rays, fun, and of course a destination wedding!

My happy place


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FLORAL candles  


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use of old ballcaps

Odds & Ends

of course, there's more to me than photography