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meet the photographer

I have a passion for connecting people to their portraits.

Hi friends, I am pleased to meet you! I’m Jessica and I am the owner & photographer here at Under the Sun Photography. I have been photographing weddings for the past 10 years here in the San Antonio area.. and I love it.

 I love San Antonio for so many reasons from grabbing a Bloody Mary at Ida Claire, strolling the Pearl, taking my 2 kiddos to the Wittie Museum, the annual SA Rodeo, and don’t even get me started on the Mexican cuisine…. it’s delightful everywhere. 

And just as the experiences are delightful, so are the weddings… to be more specific, the people.

One thing, I love about weddings is getting to know the people. Your people.  It’s also by being personable, I am able to get so much more out of your portraits.

With years of experience, I can say it is a true finesse to beautifully capture and manage a wedding day. It's a balance between capturing art, a sweet moment, managing time, and making decisions on the go. I have been there for our past couples and I cannot wait to be there for you in the future!

- Jess

photographer | wife | mother | artist

My goal is ...

MY favorite part of the day

To have you feel your best on your wedding day.

When our couples enjoy themselves. 

 It's true, when my couples enjoy their wedding day... that's where the magic happens on camera.

It may be at their first look when each of you see other and get that sense of relief, it may be in a private moment after your vows at your session in the golden sunset,  or it may even be at night for your quick night portraits alone together under the stars. 

I also truly love moments shared with family and friends that are family, seeing the bond you share together. It makes for the most heartwarming captures. 

Film, Family, & Our Farm 


35 year old Film camera and my grandfather's legacy 

This past year, I was sparked and it hit hard. I had a trip planned to NYC for a surprise engagement session. I began to research NYC, then I began to think of my late grandfather, Eddie. 

He took photographs all the time in our family, and when he passed, there was so many shoeboxes of photographs. Ironically so, he himself  & my grandmother were also from New York. 

When thinking of this trip, I remembered I had his camera in my closet. I cried, I could't believe I had forgotten about it. I got it to work and I took it's first roll of film was taken in New York City at Christmas time. Magical? Yes. 

I am diving into the start of film in 2024 and I cannot wait to bring my couples along with me on this new journey.

New York City at Christmas 

Cozumel & Christmas with Family

Our Farm.

Our Family Farm, shows off in the sunset hour the best. My husband & I shared our teenager years together, and now almost 20 years later... we have kept on the legacy. It's not always easy. Not always glamorous. But we love it. This is where our kids love to roam and play.