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3 Summer Engagement Outfits that’ll wow!

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3 Summer Engagement Outfits that’ll wow!

Far too many times have I been the gal that has dreaded the one constant question before portraits, “What do I wear?” along with finding the cutest dress and then asking, “What do I wear with this?”

Today my friend and fearless fashion blogger babe, Shelby Ashley of The Football Fashionista Blog is here to put an end to the agony of What to Wear especially for Brides having their engagement portraits taken in the heat of Summer. Shelby has the perfect tips and tricks to make you hotter than the Texas Sun!

Shelby helps gals from Brides to Mamas with predesigned outfits that can elevate any occasion from lounging on the beach to being dressed to the nines.

Today, The Football Fashionista has designed 3 amazing outfits that’ll wow! Take a scroll and check out these beauties!


“Everyone loves a classic, easy look that they can feel comfortable in. This dress comes in multiple colors and the price point is great for the quality at only $84. The best thing about this dress is that it can be worn to a wedding as a guest or even another event. I included two shoe options because I know that not everyone is comfortable in heels. Plus, with a long dress flats may be a better option because you can’t really see them! I love to dress up this maxi with some statement earrings and a pretty bracelet stack!”

Shelby Ashley, The Football Fashionista




bracelets: https://rstyle.me/n/dnwwthcmrzp


Next up… Bohemian (Fingers crossed I can wear this in October when I go to Rivera Maya, it’s so precious!!)


“This two-piece set gives off the perfect boho vibe. It comes in other colors and definitely can be dressed up or down. I have paired it with some simple gold jewelry but my favorite part of this outfit are the fun heels! They make such a statement and will be a stand out in your pictures!”

Shelby Ashley, Football Fashionista

Y’all this is perfect for portraits in the Caribbean! Absolutely S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!

set: https://rstyle.me/n/dnwu3ycmrzp





Next up… WOW is all I have to say!


“If you wanted to have two outfits in your engagement shoot, you could always do the boho look paired with a more formal look. This is my favorite combo to do because you cover all the bases! There is not another color that is more formal and flattering than black. I love the length of this dress and the lace detailing that it has. I paired it with some fun heels while also matching the statement accessories!”

Shelby Ashley, The Football Fashionista






Again, thank you to our dear friend, Shelby of The Football Fashionista! If you haven’t been a follower, be sure to do yourself a favor and follow her on instagram @tthefootballfashionista and read her blog at https://thefootballfashionista.com/

Hey guys! If y’all enjoyed this blog today please leave us a comment below. Thank you for reading and following along, until next time!



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