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Vietnamese Tea Ceremony | Jourdanton, TX |Melany & Chris


Melany & Chris’s Vietnamese Tea Ceremony was one of the NEATEST occasions I have ever photographed! The Tea Ceremony is an ongoing family tradition practiced for many years in Chris’s family. It’s a day dedicated to both families uniting together and everyone coming together to give thanks and gratitude before the wedding. It’s so beautiful! There’s so many peaceful moments of gratitude from Chris’s parents to Melany’s, then from the couple to their ancestors and their parents, as well as pouring tea for their grandparents and parents. Just truly beautiful and each moment of gratitude was celebrated in it’s own way.

Prior to the start of the ceremony, the father’s meet and exchange a handshake and the father of the groom requests to provide the bride’s family gifts. These gifts signify different meanings and well wishes for the couples upcoming marriage. (Read more below)

(The family altar accompanied with portraits of their family’s ancestors)

The Tea Ceremony has begun as representatives of the family are introducing the parents of the groom, groom, and extended family.

The gifts include a roasted hog, fruits, rice formed cakes, and other foods within the Vietnamese culture.

At this time, Chris’s Uncle is explaining the gifts and expressing gratitude for the union of these two families. Traditionally the gifts are in relation to happiness and prosperity.

Once the gifts are opened, it is then time for each family member in attendance to be introduced, a way of recognizing and thanking them for coming.

Once the gifts have been exchanged and family has been introduced, it is then time for the bride to make her entrance. I absolutely loved Melany’s Ao Dai!

Melany & Chris are united and give thanks to their ancestors.

The Tea Ceremony is about to begin. What’s so neat about this is it’s about Melany & Chris being thankful for their families. Each will serve tea to their future in-laws.

A beautiful surprise!

Toasts & speeches from their fathers was so precious and priceless!!

I LOVED THESE ENVELOPES!! These envelopes are the traditional money envelopes used to give to the couple for both the Tea Ceremony and wedding day.

I’m so grateful I was able to be part of such an amazing experience for Melany & Chris! It was absolutely beautiful!



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  1. Pilly Sykowski says:

    Congratulations to the newly couple! Jessica and Chris may your especial marriage be full of blessings, adventures, respect and love. And lots of laughter!!! Much love, Mike and Pilly Sykowski