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Tim & Jennifer’s Maternity Session | Jenschke Cattle Ranch Poteet, TX


What do I love most about maternity portraits? It’s that pause before the overwhelming joy that this little person is going to provide to a family. Pregnancy doesn’t just signify 9 months of waiting in order to have a child, it’s so much more than that. There are days your heart cannot contain the unconditional love you have for your growing child.

Not only is your child growing but you are growing right along side with them. God has a way of preparing us for Motherhood, to some it feels natural right away, to others it may not be until the first kick or maybe even until the first cry, everyone’s journey is different but each results  the same, pure unconditional love. God loves us and prepares us to wait for this little bundle and through the journey of all things pregnancy (morning sickness, not seeing our toes, fatigue, endless appointments, you name it, etc.) and whatever adventures are thrown our way, we may not know it but we are being prepared for something greater than ourselves. We are growing into the stage we need to grow prior to our child’s arrival.

We adapt. We grow. And we love with our entire being. Now don’t get me wrong, I remember when J.T. & I took Parker home for the first time we both looked at each other and said, “What now?” It’s a surreal moment and pretty darn scary too. Your mind can quickly go into the abyss of “What if he’s sick and I don’t know?” “Blanket? No Blanket?” “What do you mean a virus sneeze can travel 30 feet?” “How much does this kid eat?”

It’s pretty funny looking back now, but we definitely adapted and I know the big man upstairs had to have a few chuckles along the way. Every question would be answered the same, when our child was asleep and happy in our arms, those moments silenced any worries we had and we knew we were given this child to love. So long as love was in our hearts and everything was done with love, our child would be more than fine.

I love maternity sessions as it signifies this anxious arrival, it’s celebrating life’s next big chapter. And I am beyond thrilled to have captured this moment of pause for Tim & Jennifer. These two are amazing parents to their first child, Cooper. He is the cutest little turkey! We walked along the road on the ranch and took in many laughs. Jennifer talked about their daughter, Harper and all the precious nursery details. And lil’ Cooper was having a blast picking rocks, calling cattle, and taking in the ranch scenery.  Tim & Jennifer are truly some of the kindest souls and their energy as a couple is beyond contagious. They find the joy in the everyday and are just fun to be around! I could go on and on about this amazing family but I think it’s best described through their session here on the ranch! Enjoy!

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  1. Jennifer Swan says:

    Aww I love them!! Can’t wait to see Harpers photos!! @myswanbabies