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The Allen Farmhaus | Happy 4th Year Anniversary | The Kraft Sisters

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Meet the Allen Farmhaus Girls

The Kraft Sisters

You guys I am so, so excited to celebrate with one of our newest and dearest friends here on the blog today! Who knew that being booth buddies at a bridal show would lead to so many fun and new memories with here in 2020? I am so grateful for Cassie & Maitlyn, better known as “The Kraft Sisters” and so happy to bring them on the blog to celebrate their 4th anniversary of owning and operating one of my favorite venues in New Braunfels, The Allen Farmhaus.

This is where the dream started for Maitlyn & Cassie, an open field and this sweet little farmhaus. Now, if you drive by there is an enchanting outdoor chapel, beautiful and detailed barn for receptions (it shouldn’t be considered a barn because it’s so much more), along with bistro lights and intimate outdoor tables for cocktail hour. These two have really created a venue from the ground up, taking a vision and bringing it to life through hard work, sweat, and tears.

And as an ol’ farm girl myself, I know how to recognize hard workers when I see them and these two are the real deal.

What I adore about these two sisters is when they put their heads together they can do anything and are ready to take and tackle the next BIG project in order to serve their couples that much better. AND I LOVE IT!

Meet Maitlyn

Maitlyn, this girl is not only adorable but would you believe that she is such a craftsman? Yes! She can tackle on any project so long as she has 4-wheel drive, a power tool, and a little faith this girl can do ANYTHING. And not only build something but likely do it while laughing and quoting a movie from the 90s. OH this girl makes me LAUGH! During her session we both were quoting Ace Ventura… HARD.

And during the pandemic you better believe it she one was out there building new pieces from planter boxes. installing new light fixtures, and renovating pieces for their sister rental company accents & events.

I love Maitlyn’s continuous joy and energy and is never scared to get back out there to build away at her dreams. Seriously, she almost cut her finger off and acts “no big deal” and likely writing up her latest supply list to pick up while on the way to the emergency room.

She’s amazing!!

Meet Cassie

Cassie, this girl is a crazy hard worker. I can relate to her in so many ways as she is the direct customer service line at the farmhaus.

She is so dang intentional with ensuring that their couples can see a clear vision of how their wedding day dreams can be brought to life, with ideas from rental pieces and backdrops she is always taking it to the next level. Even if homegirl had been up til 1 a.m. the night before at wedding she will always give it 100% the next day.

Seriously, she is the gal that goes 90 mph from managing emails, operations, tours, clients, and then likely to go do an evening workout. All while also continuously evaluating, “what can we do next?

SPEAKING OF what’s next ... Be sure to scroll below as these girls just launched a new service for their couples at Allen Farmhaus. Scroll through to see more.

One amazing duo!

So as you can imagine these two together make for one hell of a duo! Nothing can stop these two sisters and I am so grateful for them both.

The evenings here are so peaceful. Just take in the view.

These two together are completely comical.

Meet the Farmhaus Pups


Maitlyn & her sweet furr baby, Dakota.


Cassie and her sweet puppy, Trooper.
Me: “Okay, snuggle your puppy for a kiss”
Trooper: “No more photos please.” LOL!!

The Chapel

Isn’t their chapel just dreamy? Insert heavenly accord when the sunsets behind it. “AHHHHHHhhhh”.

Meet the newest member of the Allen Farmhaus, SANDY the Shasta Photo Booth Trailer!

This vintage camper is absolutely precious! Shiplap, farmhaus touches… YES PLEASE!

It’s absolutely precious and Parker approved.

I am so grateful for our new friends at the farmhaus and the celebration of so many wonderful things this year despite everything that 2020 has thrown our way. I am incredibly proud and blessed to know these two and I wish them nothing but more wonderful years in business!




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