I'm Jessica, the owner of Under the Sun Photography, most days you can catch me chasing my lil son on our family's homestead and fixing up a meal that'll stick to more than your bones., along with baby goats by my side. I love everything about my rural South Texas, our heritage and way of life makes it one of the best places to live, raise a family, and practice photography. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee and feel free to scroll through my blog. Mi casa es su casa. 

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South Texas Ranch Engagement Session |Tilden, TX | Kendra & Nick


Kendra & Nick are a couple you know that are made for each other. I’ve known Kendra since she was a small fry showing steers at our local county show. She has always been such a sweet heart and has an infinite love for the outdoors, from raising cattle to hunting I knew when Nick came into the picture it just made perfect sense.

These two not only have a passion for the outdoors but the ability to enjoy their favorite things such as hunting, fishing, and ranching together. That’s the root of marriage, to have the ability to find in joy in the most simplest of things with one another.

So when Kendra & Nick both asked if I would come to Tilden to the private ranch they manage and reside, it was no question to me! I love locations that are sentimental to my couples and holds a true meaning for them. It was also the very place where Nick asked Kendra to be his wife. This day was truly amazing and I cannot wait for their Fall wedding reception this year. I wish these two nothing but all the happiness in the world.

Scroll through to see some of my favorites from their session!



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