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South Texas Engagement Session | Private Ranch | Julienne & Brandon |Poteet, TX |


I cannot tell you guys how much I loved Brandon & Julienne’s Engagement Session. It was right after we were allowed to photograph this past Friday that we had this amazing session! So we celebrated with the a gorgeous sun on the ranch, a cute pup named Kawhi, all the tiger king jokes, and white claw.

And it was perfection.

One of the things I loved most about Julienne & Brandon’s session was not only did we have a great laid-back time. Kawhi totally stole the show. This cute pup was ready to be out of the house and out on the ranch.

Now, this sweet little pupper, didn’t just run and play, he was bound and determined to be a cow dog.

Y’all, it was the most PRECIOUS thing ever!

As soon as Kawhi got to our second location on the ranch and saw a cow, his little heart bursted with joy. He did a few sweet hops even though he had no idea what that big 4 legged hoofed creature was all about. In about a few minutes he and this little calf were sniffing each other and playing together.

(Scroll down further to see)

We had such an amazing time on the ranch and it was perfect! A much needed day for all of us.

Scroll to see some of my favorites. Also… do you want to know the best part?

Kawhi’s little pout tantrum when it was time to go. He refused to get in the car and was determined to stay. So cute!! (See this at the bottom of the post)

Brandon: “Kawhi, it’s time to go home!”

Kawhi: (Rolls in sand. Proceeds to run away and pout)



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