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The 71st Annual Poteet Strawberry Festival Parade | Where Strawberries & Memories Grow!


If you have followed me on Instagram, you’ll know that one of my passions is to support or local hometown and all it’s endeavors. Whether it’s from shopping small, fundraising for our local church needs, or our Growers & Ranchmen I love to see our hometown thrive and I want to continue this legacy through my family and further generations to come.

This past weekend we took our son Parker to his first ever, Poteet Strawberry Festival Parade. HE LOVED it! If you know my child, he does not sit still (like his Mama) and wants to be a part of everything.  So with that being said, It was a HUGE surprise to see him sit in my Mom’s lap and stare in AMAZEMENT at the parade for almost 2 hours. Crazy! I know!

The parade was opened by the honorary Grand Marshall and infamous Texas Couple, Bob & Kelly Phillips from ‘Texas Country Reporter’. If you haven’t ever tuned in, it’s appears on our local Kens 5 channel at 9 am on Sundays. I use to watch this when we would come back from 7 AM mass. The show is neat as it features state infamous items and features entrepreneurs from cattlemen, black smiths, to everything in between.

But before the Parade started we met up with our hometown friends. Guys, the kids were too busy waiting for the parade the last thing they wanted was a picture! Ha! Deep down they were too excited and were beyond ready for the event to start!

One little turkey found the tractor in our local mechanic shop within minutes of arriving. Yep! He is a little country boy through and through!

Nana & Popo are here! Yay! They sure love their little “Buddy Boy!”

Some of my Mom’s amigos, I haven’t seen these guys in a while, such sweet ladies! Special thanks to Kim for letting us sit at their shop in town!

EXCITED for the Parade to start!

YAY! Freckles is here the official Mascot of our Poteet Strawberry Festival!

Special thanks to our law enforcement and first responders!!

Even this sweet pup got in  on the action!


Our lovely Poteet Strawberry Festival Court!! Beautiful!

Awesome that are VFW were part of the parade! Support these guys and their service provided to this country!

Love THIS ORGANIZATION and all that it stands for! I cannot tell you how much we love our local San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo! They have supported so many throughout the years, I was a recipient of one of their scholarships! Way to go guys!

Check out the rest of our amazing hometown floats! They’re pretty amazing!

Until next year Poteet Strawberry Festival!

Mucho Love,




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