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An Elegant Hometown Bridal Registry Experience with Nest Feathers

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Today on the blog we are doing something a little different. I am going to be showing you guys a piece of my hometown heart. Being a small town girl from little ol’ Atascosa County I feel it’s important to dig further into my roots and showcase the true beauty of small town living.

We may not have a Starbucks or a fancy mall but we have so much more; small businesses that have a thriving heart to serve. I can go to the same little café once a week and my name will be remembered and conversations about family and life can be exchanged. I can go to have my car serviced and likely the men that work as hard to serve their clients also work equally as hard to serve our church.

We are a community and as a community I feel it’s important to not only serve our clients but to support our neighbors as well. Ginny Mross is a fine neighbor to have in this community. I have known this wonderful woman for a number of years but had her really root into my life when I was a bride getting married several years ago.

Ginny helped coordinate my registry as a young bride at her wonderful home décor shop, Nest Feathers. I had an idea of the basics that I needed for my married life, but Ginny further emphasized the importance of entertaining, not as bride in this chapter of life but to consider all other chapters of life as well. Life chapters such as throwing a dear friend’s bridal shower, having dinner parties, and holiday parties with either friends & family. Having Ginny by my side informing to register not only for the now but also for the future and it was one of the best registry experiences I had thanks to her and her knowledgeable, friendly staff, better known as the Nest Feather’s “Chicks”.

When asked about her journey into Nest Feathers, it was actually a dinner club friendship that brought insight into now her deeply rooted passion to help individuals entertain and create a wonderful atmosphere for friends and family. Ginny was friends with the founding owner. The founding owner was gathering items to start this shop and when driving by the shop one late night, Ginny walked in and asked what she could do to help. Fast forward 14 years later, Ginny answers the call to help others only from the other side of the counter.

Nest Feathers isn’t just a store-front shop, it’s a welcoming atmosphere for brides along with other members of the community. When registering for your big day there are so many personal touches that go above and beyond what large mega stores can offer.

Ginny and her staff ensure that registries are a personal experience, you can walk in as a wedding guest and see a couple’s registry beautifully displayed featuring hand-wrapped gifts,  a beautiful portrait of the couple, and gifts styled to visualize their registry as a whole. Gifts are hand-wrapped with beautiful crafted paper and finished with the signature bow and feather.

Along with handling the registry for a couple, Nest Feathers takes it a step further to ensure delivery for all gifts purchased whether it is for a bridal shower or the actual wedding day they have you covered. Ginny and her Nest Feather’s chicks make a wedding checklist item, such as registering; feel less like a chore and more of a heart-felt memorable experience.

P.S. See the link at the bottom of our blog post to gain exclusive access to Nest Feather’s Bridal Registry Checklist!

For a one of a kind and personable Bridal Registry experience be sure to visit my friend, Ginny Mross and her “chicks” at Nest Feathers over on Main Street in Pleasanton, TX.

Click the link below to see what items Nest Feathers offers for her beautiful brides!

Nest Feather’s Bridal Registry Checklist


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  1. Gorgeous photos AND editing – well done!!
    xoxo anna

  2. Shelley says:

    This is such a sweet idea for a shoot and I love that it’s a local shop with a wedding registry, as opposed to all the same big stores!

  3. Amanda says:

    I love that you shared some details about you and your hometown, this looks like a great shop!

  4. Jane Beyer says:

    Nest Feathers is my home away from home! I’ve worked here for several years and never ever feel as though it’s a job! It’s a beautiful place to be With so many friendly folks who come in here to shop. Jane