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A Maternity Session Inspired by Turquoise Squash Blossoms | Amanda & Richard


Okay, this is such a fun and amazing color pallete for a maternity session and I am totally diggin’ it! Amanda took her infinite love for turquoise, squash blossoms, & Santa Fe pearls and took that inspiration directly into her maternity session. Super amazing and down right gorgeous! When she got out of the car I’m pretty sure I had immediate jewelry envy and she just looked STUNNING!

Nailed it!

Richard and Amanda I have known for the past several years and are from my hometown. So when Amanda reached out about their pregnancy I squealed for joy that were expecting and I couldn’t wait for this amazing moment for them.

These two are so sweet and their vibe together as a couple is phenomenal. Words don’t have to be said to feel this vibe, you could see it in the way that Richard looked at Amanda and also no matter what I asked him to do he sure went along right with it. Even if that meant me acting like a complete goofball when I was making them laugh.

I don’t remember what I said to them, but I can hear their laughs in these portraits. Aren’t these two just sweet as can be? I looooove it!

It’s funny when out on the ranch I will drive around before anyone shows up and then when I escort folks into the ranch I get a different creative vibe for a photographing location based on the morning or the day. I turned and looked out from my parents porch after dropping off Parker and I just couldn’t stand the glow of the morning sun being any more beautiful. And you can see why I’m obsessed with it in the pictures below.

Guys, seriously, doesn’t this one just melt your heart?

Like I said she’s a turquoise goddess and queen of the braids? Such a beautiful mama!!

Totally digging the black and white vibes here! Okay, for those that may not know I love black and white on portraits like this – if you want to know why – it takes away all the distractions and hones in on emotion. The joy of an expecting mother is the true beauty seen here.

Okay if I didn’t have my hair caught in car windows when it was long I would grow it out for this look exclusively. How many of you agree?

Sweet Lucas’s first pair of moccasins. So tiny and so sweet!

Lucas will know one thing for sure and that is love. Love from his Mama and his Daddy and to know the love that they have for each other.

After these portraits were taken, Amanda and Richard were headed back to their car and one thing before Amanda left that I will never forget is she told me this. “Jess, I am so glad you made this fun and we had a blast with you. I almost canceled prior to our session because I felt big, huge, and just uncomfortable with how I appeared. Today you took away those thoughts and I am excited to see our portraits.”

I could’ve cried in that moment. I want everyone to know you are beautiful and I had no idea she felt that way prior to so I am glad through this experience Amanda was able to feel wonderful and leave on a high note because all of my peeps deserve that and only that. Plus I do some comedy to make my peeps laugh. What can I say I am just an ol’ southern gal from a little podunk town that just loves life.

I’m so happy for the Garcia Family as they have already welcomed Lucas into their hearts this past month. I was there to meet him a few days after his birth and photograph a truly heart felt newborn lifestyle session. Stay tuned to see these because y’all don’t want to miss the gummy newborn smiles Lucas made during our time together. Beyond precious!

Mucho Love,




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