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Kristen & Jonathan’s Maternity Session: Family Ranch in Poteet, TX


Okay guys, so life has been nothing short of crazy. In the last couple of months I was able to experience a new chapter in life for my sister, Kristan and my brother in law, Jonathan. THEY ARE PARENTS! Yes, I said it! In the cold month of January, we went out at the Family Ranch where Kristan & I grew up and photographed their maternity session.

Our homestead where we grew up will always be special to us as not only is where we spent our time as kiddos, but it’s where our journey started to find our inner selves. Growing up we would petal our bikes to the top of this hill (where this gorgeous tree is) and ride around going on adventures. We would pretend our bikes would transport us to somewhere exotic, somewhere beyond the ranch. Then on other days we would take our backpacks and load them with plastic tea cups, one too many Lil’ Debbie Snacks (#starcrunchesforlife) and have a formal ranch tea party under the trees. Now, I loved our tea parties but sometimes I was little extra and Kristan was a tomboy. So we compromised with our tea parties aka sandwiches and coke & my Lil’ Debbies, taking place at the old tank. Kristan along with our pup, Pistol, would fish and fish until practically we #1) ran out of snacks or #2) ran out of daytime #3) ran out of energy and didn’t want to haul the red wagon up the hill to the house. So fast forward, many years later after high school, college, we met our soul mates and are now wives and mama bears.

It’s still crazy to think that we are “adults” as we were just kids that were just seeking adventures. It was within this moment, I really started to look at Kristan different. She was about to be mother, a caregiver, and she just glowed! Our memories will always be ours but now the start of new memories as mothers to our kids taking their bikes (and likely my Parker will hoard all the Lil’ Debbies like I did) and going on their own adventures. Also we will understand why Mom would preach to us about not being able to see us from the kitchen window.  Ha! Oh the worrying has already begun! And I am looking forward to the memories Parker & Lexi will make together! Til’ then take a look at these beauties – holy cow I could have cried.




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