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How we are Managing our Weddings & Portrait Sessions during the Coronavirus

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Hey Friends,

We know this pandemic has been filled with so much of the unknown. The safety of our clients and our own family has been paramount during this time. As we are approaching new business openings and updates I have been flooded with questions from new clients wanting to know…

“Can we book as session with you?” “When are you available?” “Are you booking weddings during the Coronavirus pandemic?” “What measures are you taking it to keep yourself and others safe?” “What if we are hit with another wave of this virus?”

Our current clients know we have been in continuous communication with them in regards to their sessions from our updated standard procedures for photographing groups and events. We know that there is so much unknown so I have decided to create this blog post to answer a few questions and what we are doing here at Under the Sun Photography!

Before I was a photographer, I actually worked Full-Time as a Food Safety Manager developing and implementing hygiene and sanitation programs for a local food manufacturer. Much of what I had implemented and trained in the past is what I have implemented to my own current practices during this pandemic to keep myself and my clients safe.

Are you Open to book or photograph sessions in May?

Yes, we are scheduling and booking clients for sessions. However, we are assuring further that we are conducting ourselves within a low risk of exposure.

Meaning, in order to keep the exposure of the virus down we are booking sessions to only those that meet the following guidelines:

  1. Individuals and family groupings less than 5 that have not been exposed to those that are tested positive for COVID-19.
  2. Photographing at locations that are low-traffic foot traffic areas – So parks that have a relatively low number of individuals and we are more than 15 feet away from other individuals that are in smaller groups. This will be assessed closely on a case by case basis. WE highly recommend to use our ranch properties outdoors or other spaces such as wedding venues where exposure rates are extremely low. We will also not be photographing in your home.
  3. Keeping our distance at 6 ft away from one another with minimal contact. (No hugs – even though I’m a natural hugger, no hand-shakes, we will also be using our zoom lenses to capture moments up close)
  4. Offering free rescheduling of sessions to any of our clients that are feeling ill ( having a fever or feeling unwell ) on the day of their session.
  5. Individuals that are being photographed must not be part of the vulnerable category – therefore, we are not accepting sessions that include newborns, infants at or under the age of 1, individuals that suffer from auto-immune deficiencies, individuals over the age of 65.

How are you booking sessions or weddings safely? Do we have to meet in person?

The beauty of our system is everything is managed online from the point you inquire, booking us for your wedding, scheduling your engagement session, to making payments on your collection before the big day, everything is online and readily available to you. We communicate so much online, and of course, over the phone as well. I also provide my couples with my cell phone so we can be communicate by phone as well.

Our policy is to keep it simple and hassle free! And especially now with the virus it works out best for our couples & other clients in order to reduce points of contact.

We are also booking weddings for the remaining of the 2020 year. But also know, since I had to reschedule our Spring weddings for the Fall our current availability is limited (This is also the case for 2021). I highly recommend if you are wanting to book with us don’t let fear hold you back, we have welcomed some amazing couples during this time that are planning their weddings.

What if I book you for our wedding or session and we are mandated to stay home again? Then what?

I am closely monitoring guidelines in order to ensure we are providing a safe and amazing service all at once. I’ve had to reschedule portrait sessions and weddings due to the mandated order back in March, and all were rescheduled efficiently and done at no charge. Again, during any unknown communication is always key.

What if I was a past client and I want to order an album? Canvas? Print? Do we have to meet in the studio?

We can 100% accomplish all orders online, within this past year we have really done our homework in order for you guys to have the ease and access to the best of the best products for your heirlooms. We offer proofing of our one of a kind albums to be done from the convenience of your home – don’t worry real pants aren’t required.

Do you know of other Wedding Vendors that are booking couples at this time?

I do! And to further showcase these amazing folks I have created an online resource tool for our couples and other couples to check out.

P.S. some are offering some amazing deals!!

Check out more at this link: https://underthesunphotography.com/vendors

Just remember…

We are all in this together! If you feel like you want to schedule a session or book your wedding but have more questions, you’re 100% okay to ask us! Feel free to email us at jessica@underthesunphotography.com or inquire through our contact page. I can’t wait to help wherever I can! I love you all and know good times are ahead!



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