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Hill Country Engagement Session | New Braunfels, TX | Gruene, TX | Kayla & Ryan


I’m just dying over here over Kayla & Ryan’s engagement session from last week in New Braunfels, TX. Insert me just saying “GAAAAAAHHH” a lot throughout this post because… it is oh so gorgeous!

When I was driving around town the other day, I came across this little cluster of majestic Spanish Moss trees. The sunlight danced across the leaves and just my dream for a session. I knew it was just heaven sent for these two amazing people.

Speaking of, these guys are absolutely precious together! Kayla and Ryan compliment each other so well, both are laid back and just overall joyful. We had such a great time during their shoot, mainly laughing at me for hovering between a curve and a busy street with random honkies in trucks yelling “yee yee!’ Hey, whatever it takes for a great photo am I right?

One of the funniest things at the session, alongside the guys hauling bbq pits honking, but to capture photographs … at the second location I had to get low behind a bush to get the right angle. There was random people strolling and thought Kayla and Ryan were being so sweet. You know the random cuddles and poses, and when they would turn the corner would jump up and laugh when they saw me.

Yep… that’d be me. And it was 1,000% worth it! Scroll to the bottom to see.

I can’t wait for their wedding this November! It’s going to be amazing!!



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