I'm Jessica, the owner of Under the Sun Photography, most days you can catch me chasing my lil son on our family's homestead and fixing up a meal that'll stick to more than your bones., along with baby goats by my side. I love everything about my rural South Texas, our heritage and way of life makes it one of the best places to live, raise a family, and practice photography. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee and feel free to scroll through my blog. Mi casa es su casa. 

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The Evans Family Portrait Session | The Spanish Governor’s Palace


This early morning I am taking it all in on the farm, drinking my coffee before heading into work and waking Parker for the day. When checking on the our new Guineas I heard them “cackle” in the back yard among Alex (my niece’s horse) trying to figure these guys out.  Puzzled, he started to run up and down the cattle pens to see what these crazy birds are all about and why on earth are they alarming everyone so early. Our cat is enjoying her early morning nap on the porch and enjoying the cool weather before Texas decides to change her mind and jump 30 more degrees by 1:00. It’s a typical day on the Rakowitz Homestead and it’s been a busy photography season to say the least. As I am a few sips in this morning’s brew, I wanted to take a moment to showcase one adorable and sweet little family from a couple weeks ago. The Evans Family!

Being a small town girl I actually grew up knowing Megan’s family, her home ranch is just a few miles up the road from our place and when she had reached out for family portraits I was beyond excited!

Megan married Cole and together this coupleplaced roots in their new hometown of Uvalde. Their kiddos are just as adorable as they are well mannered. Guys, when Dunn said “Yes Mam” with those sweet baby blues and cowboy hat… oh honey my heart just melted to pieces. SO PRECIOUS! #futureheartbreaker

These two cuties are the sweetest little brother and sister duo, I’m still in awe over their manners and precious faces! Take a look if you don’t believe me!

Along with portraits of the kiddos I did took a few of just Mom & Dad. Who says newly engaged couples is the only time you can take portraits as just a couple? Sometimes it’s nice that we can take a step back while the kids are playing and just take that moment.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy! Til’ next time!

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