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Engagement Session at St. Anthony Luxury Hotel | San Antonio, TX | Brandi & Joe


Brandi & Joe

I am so excited to for Brandi & Joe’s Wedding this weekend at The St. Anthony Luxury Hotel in San Antonio!! Not is the wedding going to be absolutely gorgeous but these two together are just one amazing couple.

Brandi & Joe I met earlier this year and they are so incredibly sweet and I couldn’t be happier for the two of them to be married.

During their engagement session, we had the entire hotel to ourselves since it wasn’t currently open to the public at the time. So gorgeous couple, entire hotel = one happy photographer.

We started their session and if you guys know me I am what they call here in the south “Full of beans”. I laugh, joke, even when I don’t have a camera in my hand. I never want anyone to feel uncomfortable. So when we began photos with cute smiles and laughing, I could tell Brandi & Joe were trying soo hard not to laugh in the first 2-3 minutes, I asked if everything was okay. It turned out, they wanted portraits without smiling big.

(Insert light bulb moment)

So my editorial hat went on in an instant, and we created this magic. You guys, these two are basically MODELS!! I am beyond obsessed with this shoot and ughhhhh my heart is so happy!

Take a look below at my favorites!!

Window light + these two + chandelier + just EVERYTHING = All the heart eyes.

Could you guys believe that Joe was so nervous just a few minutes before this? HE ROCKED IT!

A baby grand piano … yes, I am here for this.

GQ called they want their models back kind of moment.

I’m just speechless. These guys never modeled or had professional portraits taken together before either.

So cute part of this story, Joe loves Pokémon and wanted to incorporate this cool Pokéball into their session. You got it man.

P.S. You can bet I was singing the Pokémon theme song in my head while photographing Brandi’s ring.

Yet, again, magic.

I just can’t wait for Saturday! Follow me on instagram @underthesunphotos to watch us behind the scenes of this beautiful wedding. You will not want to miss out. TRUST ME!



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  1. James and Cindy Zuniga says:

    Absolutely Beautiful. May God bless you always and may you have a wonderful life together! ❤️🥂