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Engagement Session | Brick at Blue Star Arts Complex | San Antonio, TX | Ryan & Jordan


Ryan and Jordan

Ryan and Jordan’s engagement session took place at one of my new favorite little spots to visit, The Brick at Blue Star Art Complex in San Antonio, TX. Guys, if y’all haven’t been you are totally missing out. The BSAC has outdoor bars, and a roof top restaurant that serves the best brisket tacos. SO GOOD!! YUM!

When I spoke with Ryan and Jordan into what their interests were or their favorite date nights, Jordan responded, “We love our dates that include dinner and beer tastings.”

Instantly, I thought of Blue Star Arts Complex and thought to myself, “Let’s bring the engagement session to the beer!”

These two together… pretty dang cute.

I love how much Ryan played with Jordan during our photos, those little laughs and smiles are everything.

When your good at your session 9/10 you can have yourself a beer. That night we tried the San Antonio Lager served up fresh from Brick.

“I, brew” … I mean “I, do”.

I have no words, I just love these so much!!

Taking one for the road down to the river.

I cannot wait for October and know Ryan & Jordan’s wedding at Harper Hill Ranch is going to be amazing!



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