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Destination Mini Engagement Session | Riviera Maya, Mexico |Katie & Derik


Katie & Derik’s wedding week was such a blast! We hung out poolside, had a marg or 2 together and each day was filled with laughter and celebration. So much fun! One of the coolest things about Katie & Derik’s wedding was how within a 4 day period all of us had become great friends. Not just with Katie & Derik but also with their bridal party and out-of-town guests.

Y’all aren’t going to believe this…

When J.T. and I boarded our flight from Houston to Riveria Maya, we had to sit in different rows. Well luck have it J.T. struck up a conversation with the best man and his wife. Then within minutes across the aisle another groomsmen and his girlfriend were also on the same flight!

Seriously, it’s a small world y’all. Then it turned out a couple of the guests we actually knew from our hometown. I know wild!

Put a bunch of farm raised kids in a pool and we had a party!

Also. We captured this entire session in only 15 minutes!

You read right. Only 15 minutes! Originally we had planned an hour, but the party was hopping at the pool side meet and greet with their family and friends.

Katie came to the session worried it was too late, and as I always say, “Girl, I got you!” So within 15 minutes before their amazing rehearsal dinner we captured these two relaxed, happy, and looking forward to their wedding. No stress and only the sweetest moments. They did amazing and so glad I can share them now with all of you!

Here’s just a few of my favorites. Enjoy!



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