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Hey y’all! It’s Thursday which is actually my Friday today! Woo-hoo!

(Insert the happy trolls from ‘Trolls’ singing “Celebrate Good Times” … I know I watch one too many cartoons as a Mama Bear ha!)

So it’s Fri-YAY! And you want to know why? Our little family is headed down to our old fishing spot in Port Mansfield, Texas! I can’t wait to smell the salty air and even hearing the never ending sounds of seagulls in the breeze. And we are going to try our hand at fishing like we did long ago before babies!

So among the celebration for a fun summer vacation at the coast and all of my happy vibes I juuuuuust had to post this amazing engagement session I photographed about a month ago. (I know that’s so long ago, but I figured to share late is better than to never share at all and these guys are beyond awesome!)

Cally & Kevin are a newly engaged couple that met at church, (insert heart melts & throbs) and their vibe together is so much fun! Kevin had not only Cally laughing at the seams but I couldn’t contain my chuckles neither. But on a serious note, jokes aside, these two are equal parts sweet and caring towards and you can see it in their gestures towards one another. I can only imagine a happy filled marriage for these two love birds and just a lot of fun adventures in their lifetime together.

I also can see endless laughter and joy. But for real! Okay, during our session out on the ranch, I had a crazy thought. Like just a down right wild thought! All three of us were taking in the gorgeous sunset and scenery of the cattle and then the donkeys started in on their wild calls. Face Palm. But really funny.

Yes, on the home place we have donkeys, they are part of the crew and I believe they were originally our neighbors. They roam acre by acre and just have a fun time out and about. They’re super sweet but also down right adorable! And who can’t giggle when you see a donkey?

So last minute, I thought hey let’s incorporate the donkeys into our portrait session… because if I wasn’t country enough on my own, a couple of donkeys would sure elevate this! Ha!

Cally & Kevin were stoked and they were 100% game for this idea. Now the thing is, our livestock isn’t hand fed. Most of the time, 99.9% of the time they’re out and about in the pasture feeding on grass and hay when needed. So, I honestly didn’t know what would entice a donkey to take pictures with us.

Being the Mom that I am, and having a bag of Doritos on hand, I thought this could work… and y’all it TOTALLY DID!

I still can’t believe it! I walked up to them and it was a true Doritos Commercial come to life, they took one sniff and were like, “photos for Doritos? Ok!”

These guys were HOOKED! And the result was adorable and just fun!

So Cally & Kevin, thank y’all for loving this idea and to the cute little donkeys for going along with this! I seriously cannot make this up and I am forever obsessed with this entire session. That’s what I love about the ranch you just never know what will happen next and there’s always room for adventure.

Check out the rest of this session and you’ll see why I adore these two and have a new profound love for donkeys.


Donkeys, Doritos, & Mucho Love,


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"We have the most beautiful moments of our lives    "


- Jessica & Austin 

"Beyond Incredible! We really hate getting our picture taken but Jessica made it feel so natural and not scary at all! We knew for our wedding it had to be done and done right because you only get 1 chance! How did she make us look so good and not awkward? She's truly great at what she does and I will never pick anyone else after the experience we had."

- Brandi  & Joe

"I will never pick anyone else after the experience we had"

Jess is the best, from the moment we met her we knew we made the right decision. We had to make major changes to our wedding due to covid, Jess addressed all our concerns, and answered all our questions along the way making all the necessary changes effortlessly. Jess captured our engagement, bridal and wedding day photos each every photo is absolutely amazing. We have the most beautiful moments of our lives captured so beautifully because of Jess.

Jessica & Austin

"We have the most beautiful moments of our lives captured"

"Jessica was right there with us getting ready and capturing some very sweet and intimate photos that I know we will forever treasure. She knows exactly what to say and when to say it to get that best smile out of a very nervous bride! We had a perfect ceremony and I've seen a sneak peek of my wedding photos and am just speechless! Jessica was with us for our entire FIVE hour reception and was the perfect combination of photographer and dance partner! Jessica very quickly became a guest favorite and a family member for life! I would have her as my photographer and friend 100 times over! I will never be able to thank Jessica enough for making my day even more special."

Katie & Derik

 "I would have her as my photographer and friend 100 times over!"

"Jessica is so much more than a photographer! She is a planner, friend, someone who listens, and such a beneficial asset to any wedding! I cannot recommend her to enough people. She exceeds any bride's high expectations - all with a smile on her face. It is impossible to feel uncomfortable around her, she is goofy and will constantly keep you laughing. She does anything for her Bride and Groom and will not stop until you are satisfied."

- Kayla & Derek

"Jessica is so much more than a photographer! "

I love Jessica and her work!! She took mine and my husband’s engagement pictures, wedding pictures and bridals and did an outstanding job. My husband is not very happy when it comes to taking pictures (especially with PDA ) but by the time the first session was done she turned him into a pro. The night after our wedding he was telling me he was ready to see how all the pictures turned out! She definitely knows how to help you feel comfortable in your own skin while in front of the camera. Highly highly highly recommend her for your wedding! I cannot say enough good things about her work!

- Melissa & George

My husband isn't happy when it comes to taking pictures, by the time the first session was done she turned him into a pro.

"Would recommend to any and everybody! She did an amazing amazing job with our wedding and engagement photos. I couldn’t feel more grateful and thankful that we found Jess! She is amazing and funny and finds all the great moments that we take for granted. Thank you so so much for taking care of us and our crazy family!"

- Kaitlyn & Chris 

I couldn’t feel more grateful and thankful that we found Jess! 

"Jessicas passion for photography radiated from her soul the moment I met her. When looking for a photographer, We decided that we would call a few to get a feel for the type of people they were and if they (the photographer) would fit into what we were looking for in our wedding vendors. We saw your work, we LOVED your work, but we didn’t know you. From our first conversation up until now you made us feel like you were meant to be apart of our big day! On my wedding day you made me feel like the prettiest bride to ever walk this planet! Your photos blew my husband away! You captured the uniqueness and beauty of us, our surroundings and our guest! This review, nor my “thank you”, will ever be enough to show you how grateful we are for your talent!"

- Eliza & Bradley 

 You made us feel like you were meant to be apart of our big day!

I can't say enough great things about UTS. Jessica is the BEST photographer, not just because she makes you look great, but she makes you feel great! She fills the shoot with funny jokes, music, and laughs to make sure you feel comfortable because not everyone is a super model. Each and every time I get our photos back I am blown away by great they look! She went way above and beyond anything I ever expected from a vendor. She helped us out on the wedding day in so many different ways and worked side by side with our other vendors to make our day successful and perfect. The sneak peak was incredible! She also brought a partner with her who was equally as fun as Jessica. I loved how they both worked and made the pictures fun. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. My husband & I will be using UTS exclusively for all of our photography needs. 

- Bailey & Doug

She went way above and beyond anything I ever expected from a vendor!

"Jessica is so passionate about photography, not only does she take amazing pictures BUT she also makes you feel so beautiful and comfortable while you’re with her! She’s very professional but FUN!! I used her for my engagement photos and my wedding, beyond happy with her!

-Kailey & Garrett

she makes you feel so beautiful and comfortable while you’re with her!