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Wedding at Rio Cibolo Ranch | Cally & Kevin | Marion, TX


Cally & Kevin’s Wedding Day at Rio Cibolo Ranch was the perfect vision of a Texas Country Wedding! The ranch where the wedding took place actually part of Cally’s family history. Her grandpa owned this land prior to it being known as a wedding venue in Marion, TX. Having wonderful memories of the ranch and attending rodeos that were hosted here, it only felt right to Cally to have her beautiful wedding to take place under the most beautiful oak trees on the ranch.

Outside of having a gorgeous wedding, I can only see years of happiness ahead for Kevin and Cally. When I first met these two this past Spring, one thing the couple described when I asked how their friends viewed them as a couple was that they were always seen as a team. To their friends they aren’t just Cally & Kevin they’re better known as #team57.

“Team 57, where’s the 57 from?” I asked. 57 was the football number that Kevin wore each game and like most things from High School names just stick. Kevin before meeting Cally was known as just ol’ 57. When Cally was first introduced to Kevin’s friends at the River, they gave Kevin more than just a thumbs up she became part of the team. From then on the two were known as Team 57! Isn’t this adorable?! I think so!

As you go through this post from the wedding you’ll see little hints of not just gorgeous of steel blue colors and floral work but you’ll spy several references to the #team57 couple!

There were so many wonderful moments from this day you’re just going to have to scroll and see for yourself!


Venue: Rio Cibolo Ranch

Bridal Gown: Debi’s Bridal

Bridesmaids Gowns: David’s Bridal

Groom & Groomsmen Attire: The Black Tux

Cake: Creations Cakes

Rental Farm Tables & Chairs: Backyard Craftsmen

Invitations:  Cally made these!

Florist: Twisted Ivy Floral Design

Hair: Color of Grace by Grace Elmer

Makeup: Esmeralda Torres


Entry way to the cutest venue on the Ranch known as Zuehl Hall

The touches Cally had part of her day were truly special. Her grandmother’s ring placed on her bouquet was a beautiful tribute.

Okay y’all can you believe Cally designed her invitations? They are too amazing!!

A few little touches for the Cally & Kevin.

Oh my goodness that ring!!

These girls knew had to have a good time and were a hoot!

I am completely obsessed with Cally’s bridal gown, she was such a beautiful bride!


Maggie & Courtney, Cally’s sisters were such there every step of the way on the wedding. It was so sweet and fitting that they were there to only help their sister get ready.

A precious moment between Cally & her daddy.

These girls are just too beautiful!!

And don’t even get me started on these guys! Oh my goodness they had me laughing the entire time! Me: “Okay guys let’s do a walk, look at me. Perfect! Now give Kevin a hard time and laugh….” Translation: Tackle. Tackle. Tackle. Keep Scrolling through these guys are too much! Ha!

Kevin such a handsome groom!

Before the tackle scene…

Dog pile!! These guys were hilarious!

Cally’s first look with her daddy.

So sweet!! This always gets me!

Can you hear him say, “Are you ready?”

Kevin’s face says it all.

Nothing but pure joy to be here together.

The couple decided to break bread and drink wine to honor communion and incorporate this sacrament to be part of their wedding.

That kiss!!

Shortly after the kiss, Kevin ran and high five’d all of his guys! He is one happily married man!

And it didn’t stop there! They high fiv’d all the way down the aisle! That’s the #team57 way!


The lighting + these two = dream

Announcing Mr. & Mrs. Molyneaux!!

Cally was forever grateful throughout this whole process, after family photos and ensuring romantic portraits were just for the two of them she had told me, “You’re are photographer for this reason!” Photography is my craft, but my passion will always be people. I look forward to seeing these two grow in their marriage and what an amazing future that lies ahead for them.

Susie knocked it out of the park again!! Creations cakes is a must!!

To show you how considerate these two are for others, one of the flower girls birthdays was on the wedding day. They brought out a surprise cake just to make her know she is loved and to have her feel special too!

These toasts still give me the giggles!

When you toss the garter and there are no catches…

The married men “boo” and a groomsmen rushes in to save the day!

Party time!

We went from hand in the air to Cally being tossed up! So much fun!

And to the end the perfect night these two left with a gorgeous send off!

Guys, I wish y’all all  the years of happiness!


Mucho Love & Cheers!




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  1. I love that she has family history at the ranch! ❤️ You captured the day beautifully. Go Team 57!!!

  2. Kendall Davis says:

    Beautiful pictures!!! Great job capturing the day!!!