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Brooke’s Senior Session | Cattle Ranch Poteet, TX


Can I just say one thing before I go on and on about Miss Brooke here?! I have been truly blessed to meet some of the sweetest, well-mannered, high school seniors this year! Some say the world has gone to heck but these young adults I have met are leaving their best mark. All of them! From “Yes ma’ams” to applying themselves in their studies and shining in their extracurricular activities is astounding.

Brooke has the personality of the sweetest southern belle with biggest drive to set and accomplish her goals! She is the President of her local FFA Chapter along with representing 1 of the 10 areas to multiple districts and chapters in the South Texas Region, Area X. Along with leading other youth FFA members, Brooke is active in participating in multiple contest and events hosted by the FFA organization and has excelled in numerous events!

Y’all will have to keep scrolling to see the amount of awards and achievements this girl has done for herself. When her Ag Teacher, Peggy Georg contacted me to say “We have an idea for Brooke’s awards…” I had no idea she had this many!! I was completed AMAZED!!!

Brooke’s Dad, Dennis brought a hay trailer full of round bales, a trailer with a tractor, and boy did they get to work. Brooke & I along with her sister, Claire went to the blue bonnets and by the time we got back they had the most amazing site orchestrated for her portraits.

Outside of the FFA, Sports, and honor societies Brooke is as sweet as they come! I am sad this is one of our last sessions together, but I know she is going to excel at her future home in College Station as a Fightin’ Texas Aggie!! Gig’em girl!!



Luke, Paxstyn, & Claire just had to take a sit on the round bales too! It was a family affair getting these beautiful round bales showcased for this session! Special thanks to Brooke’s amazing Ag Teacher, Peggy Georg! Peggy goes above and beyond for her students and treats them as her own. Her little daughter, Paxstyn is like a little sister to Brooke and we had to have this sweet little nugget part of it all!

Mucho Love,




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