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A Sinatra & Vegas Inspired Engagement Session | Bailey& Doug | Hotel Eilan San Antonio, TX




Happy Monday! My heart is full and so is my cup of coffee. I am gearing up to take on the week and preparing for our upcoming launch at Under the Sun Photography, I can’t hint too many details yet, but there are going to be some great opportunities & giveaways for past and future UTS peeps. And if you’re wondering what a launch is… basically it’s making a grand idea into something tangible and bringing it to life. Promise it has nothing to do with rockets and official NASA launching and me reporting into Houston. But the impact is going to be pretty darn extraordinary! So maybe more like a confetti rocket launch of cheer is probably most accurate.

The excitement level here is parallel to how I felt when taking Bailey & Doug’s Engagement Portraits this past month at the glorious Hotel Eilan. When I first spoke to Bailey about how Doug proposed to her and just things they absolutely loved to do together as a couple.  When Bailey told me of Doug’s proposal at the Bellagio along with their obsession with going to Vegas and their infinite love for Frank Sinatra, I immediately thought Hotel Eilan here we come! Although, Hotel Eilan is not the Bellagio, it has the feel and style of Vegas, it’s entire infrastructure is elegant and luxurious throughout the property.

We made the plan and upon arrival, there were cars and limos EVERYWHERE. One word, PROM. We drove up on site and we saw dozens upon dozens of Promsters (is that even a word?)endless limos, and even a few lamborghini’s. This place was HAPPENING. But if you have been to Hotel Eilan you will know it’s massive and we ended up having an entire area to ourselves. There is beauty everywhere here and not just by the infamous stair case leading into the hotel. And within the hour the staircase was completely empty.

Bailey & Doug had their own mock Vegas included with a few tunes of Frank Sinatra playing casually on my iPhone. We walked and toured the grounds together and reminisced about our own funny personal prom experiences from our high school “glory days”. It was a wonderful evening and we even had the opportunity to find a little water fountain to replicate the Bellagio proposal.

I cannot wait until October and know it’s going to be an amazing day for these two! I just adore this couple!

Twirls are always a must with dresses. ALWAYS!


Doug’s expression is everything here!

Oh and you bet it wouldn’t be a Vegas tribute without a gold dress and a girl’s Louie’s!

That rock! Isn’t it gorgeous?!

This same staircase had dozens of prom kiddos on here right before we made it to this spot.

Is this not the sweetest little area? Probably one of my favorite locations at this hotel!

Okay I’m ready to pack my bags for Vegas!

Mucho Love,




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  1. Natalie Pearce says:

    Gorgeous pictures! I’m a fellow Sinatra fan myself. John and I got engaged with Fly Me to the Moon playing at Jazz, TX – which as you know sparked our whole Moon themed wedding! By the way, love your new website!

  2. This is just so stinking cute! Also I am loving your new website! Congrats on the launch! P.S. my instagram handle is jsparksphoto 😉 lol

  3. Tabithia says:

    Love how you took what was special to the couple and incorporated the same theme into their photos ❤️ She looks stunning in that gold dress! @tabithia20

    • jrakowitz says:

      Thank you Tabitha! I love to make everyone feel genuine to themselves and their style! It was an absolute blast, love these guys!