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Amber & Weston: A Love Sweeter Than Texan Honey


It’s 2018 and this year is going to be better than ever! I wanted to take a moment and thank so many that have jumped on this adventure with me and has provided the most amazing opportunity to conduct my passion for story-telling through photography! It has been a blast and my heart has had it’s overload of joy and witnessing the sweetest moments!

That being said, I wanted to talk about this beautiful couple right here!! I met Amber & Weston this past year on their beautiful ranch where they raise and harvest honey! Yes, you read this correct, the recently married Mr. & Mrs. Stroope are living the sweetest life together as husband & wife along with their adorable pup, Bonnie in the heart of South Texas raising ‘Texas Honey’.

If y’all know me, I grew up in the small rural town and was the rancher’s daughter that became the farmer’s wife. I am a huge agricultural nerd and when Weston told me this I probably played a round of 20 questions. And I loved that these two took the time to answer each of them! What can I say I love this way of living!!

Outside of me loving this aspect of this couple, what I loved even more is learning that this location wasn’t just the ranch where honey was made but where some of the sweetest moments took place for this couple. Amber and Weston spent many of date nights and weekends out on the ranch prior to their engagement and from Amber told me many wonderful memories were made. The memories of not only talking about dreams and the future I imagine, but also where the two spent hours fishing on Friday nights with their pup, Bonnie and listening to the crickets chirp under a blanket full of stars.

I loved being out there and learning more of this wonderful couple, and to boot, these guys gave me the biggest jar of honey!! And guys..\. it’s probably the best stuff I have ever tasted!

Cheers to the new Mr. & Mrs. Stroope!! I wish you two sweet southern love birds years of happiness and wellness to you both in all of your endeavors!!



Mucho Love,




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  1. Mercedes says:

    This couple is all kinds of amazing! How cool that they do the honey thing. I so love your processing and that you captured their relationship so well. Beautiful!