I'm Jessica, the owner of Under the Sun Photography, most days you can catch me chasing my lil son on our family's homestead and fixing up a meal that'll stick to more than your bones., along with baby goats by my side. I love everything about my rural South Texas, our heritage and way of life makes it one of the best places to live, raise a family, and practice photography. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee and feel free to scroll through my blog. Mi casa es su casa. 

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Amanda and Tim’s Maternity Session


Tim & Amanda are expecting a sweet baby girl!! I am so excited for these two as they embark the journey of parenthood and learn the ropes. Everyone always says, “Get plenty of rest!” or “It’s all over but the crying!”

But what most don’t prepare you for or say, is the profound unconditional love you will have for a child you haven’t even met. It’s pretty powerful stuff. There’s something beautiful about welcoming a new child and either starting a new family or adding to, there’s just an overwhelming feeling of joy that is indescribable.

Tim & Amanda’s joy is indescribable, beyond happy, and feeling blessed beyond measure. This I will let you guys view through this post and see. Too adorable!

Amanda works at a beautiful horse farm in South Texas and has a true love for horses as she also was on the Horse Judging Team at Texas A&M. So it was a no brainer that we go out in the pasture and barns and just take it all in. And they couldn’t have been happier!

Also since we have taken these gorgeous photos, Ceniza was born and is happy & healthy with Mom & Dad.

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  1. Crystal R. says:

    This is so beautiful! I hope they did a horse themed newborn session too! I love photography with horses included!! Congrats to them on baby girl!