I'm Jessica, the owner of Under the Sun Photography, most days you can catch me chasing my lil son on our family's homestead and fixing up a meal that'll stick to more than your bones., along with baby goats by my side. I love everything about my rural South Texas, our heritage and way of life makes it one of the best places to live, raise a family, and practice photography. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee and feel free to scroll through my blog. Mi casa es su casa. 

Meet Jess

The Pettit Family Summer Session


“With you I am home.”

This summer has been extremely busy with being employed full-time, a mother, and a momtographer. It’s been a season where life has been nothing short of chaos. But in the chaos of late night editing, emails,  multiple trips to the microwave to heat up my coffee, chasing my toddler, cooking a semi-nutritious home cooked meal on a daily basis, deadlines, and an annual audit at work, it is beyond worth the crazy when I break it down.

I am employed.

I am a mother.

I am a photographer.

Which further translates:

I can provide for my family, raise my family, and provide an unforgettable experience to  families  through photography.

How amazing is that? Seriously?

I find peace in knowing families such as the beautiful Pettit Family will have these memories for many years to come. As a mother, it’s hard to make time for something even as simple as portraits. There is the style debate, time scheduling rubix cube between life and work, then there is coordinating everyone to stick to the plan. It can be a lot. But know this: you’re not alone through the chaos, together we can find peace and I can spread joy…like confetti… on a funfetti cake… oh so good!

My sessions are laid back in a relaxing environment that give that moment of pause, to take a minute and soak in all that you have and all that life has blessed you with. Appreciating the ongoing toddler chases that turn into the sweetest snuggles,  the family dog that gets into all of the trash but jumps 3ft in  joy every day you come home, or your husband and all of his silly quirks that remind you why you love him, even if he embarrasses you non-stop. Photography isn’t about capturing “a perfect life” it’s about capturing your life perfectly.

The Pettits, I could go on and on about. These guys have a heart of gold and truly love each other with all that they have. I will let the pictures do the work here, as I feel that together, we were able to capture them perfectly. If you don’t believe me take a look.

Oh Dad here was too funny, he had me laughing I think about 50% of the time!

Life is short. Take the trip. Eat the cake. Make the memories.


Mucho Love,




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